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World Organisations General Knowledge MCQ Questions. Hello Readers ! Here, we are helping those candidates who are preparing for some competitive exam. All sort of General Studies question for the section which is generally ignored by the aspirants which generally results in failure. Well ! It is mostly observed that the candidates prepare for every subject equally but avoid the General studies part due to its vast syllabus. But, what if i say that here you will get all sort of questions separately regarding every topic. Yes, we will cover every topic here to increase your knowledge and to help you out to crack the exam. For now, read the World Organisations General Knowledge MCQ Questions. Hopefully, this topic will cover one or two questions in every exam, you are going to give.

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World Organisations General Knowledge MCQ Questions

♦Permanent Secretariat to coordinate the implementation of SAARC programme is located at
⇒New Delhi

♦The year 1995 is the Golden Jubilee year of which of the following international organisations?

♦The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is located at which of the following places?

♦Which is principal organ of the United Nations that as virtually accomplished its object?
⇒The Trusteeship Council
⇒The General Assembly
⇒The Security Council
⇒The International Court of Justice

♦Which of the following countries is not a member of Group 15 developing countries?

♦Pakistan which rejoined the Commonwealth, had pulled itself out of it in the year

♦The International Human Rights Convention adopted by the United Nations in 1990 relates to
⇒migrant workers
⇒stateless persons

♦How many former republics of USSR have become members of the Commonwealth of Independent States?

♦The international township built near Pondicherry in India in coloration with UNESCO is called

♦The non-permanent members of the Security Council of the UN elected by the General Assembly for two years term at present include (2-year term which begins on the January 1, 2011)
⇒Japan, India, Hungary, Venezuela
⇒Morocco, Cape, Verde, Belgium, Russia
⇒Zimbabwe, Venezuela, India, France
⇒Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal, South Africa

♦Which of the following pairs of country and the purpose for which U.N. Peace Keeping Force is maintained is correctly is correctly matched?
⇒Cyprus – to maintain peace between the two dominant ethnic groups in the country
⇒Lebanon – For supervising a 1992 accord
⇒Mozambique – To supervise a referendum
⇒El Salvador – to deliver humanitarian aid

♦First Indian to make a speech in Hindi before the UN General Assembly is
⇒Lal Bahadur Shastri
⇒Moraji Desai
⇒A.B. Vajpayee
⇒Lal Krishna Advani

♦Which of the following international organisations has started the scheme ‘Partnership for Peace’ for a group of nations?
⇒Organisations of African Unity (OAU)
⇒North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
⇒Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
⇒Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP)

♦The NAM summit which demanded expansion of the United Nations Security council had met at

♦Where was the first ever security Council Summit meeting held in early 1992?
⇒New York

♦Which organ of United Nations has ceased to be operational?
⇒Trusteeship Council
⇒Economic and Social Council
⇒International Court of Justice

♦The member countries of NAFTA are
⇒USA and Canada
⇒USA and Mexico
⇒USA, Canada and Mexico
⇒Canada and Mexico

Well ! Guys… I hope, the Multiple Choice Questions provided here prove to be very helpful for you. I think, its a kind of vast sea of question which you can get anywhere. But, one thing i must say that here you will get the selected questions which are most probable to come in the competitive exams. So, Just start your preparations and keep reading here. Good Luck :)

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