11 Courses To Do After 12th Class – Complete Guide for Science/Commerce/Arts

Courses To Do After 12th Class

We all are studying from our childhood and wanting to do something great in our life in the field of education, but wait here is a big dilemma which we are facing in today’s lifestyle of education and this dilemma is known as the wrong guidance.

The fact is that a big percentage of today’s youth generation has no idea that what should they do in there life in terms of education.

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Welcome friends today I will bring you the guidance on what should you do after passing your.

Well this is one of the big deal that every student have in there life when they passes their 12 class. They have number of ways and number of people who guides them that what should they do after passing the 12 the class. I am a student doing PhD in computer science and after facing this problem in my life too I have decided to write some solution to this particular problem. Below are some fields in which you can continue your education but before reading the points please keep in mind that theses points are just a guidance for you now it is all up to you that which point you are going to follow. So let’s begin with my list.

Courses To Do After 12th Class

  1. Engineering :- well engineering is most known course In the field of education after passing the 12th class in India. A very vast number of student chooses this stream as their future education, but again here a some percentage of students who really don’t Carry any idea about why they are doing engineering and they use to regret this after the completion of engineering. So stick to your own decisions and think twice before getting yourself to in this stream.
  2. Plane B.sc :- student who want to be a teacher or want to apply for some government job can do B.sc in there respective stream. B.sc is good for those who are really good in there subjects in 12 the class. Doing B.sc is not enough in today’s competitive life after B.sc you have to peruse M.sc too in your core stream so that you can find a good job and then a good salary so what we have learnt is that doing bsc is not a bad idea.
  3. Hotel management  :- every one us beware of hotel management courses. In my terms this is the cheapest and easiest course in today’s time l. H.M. is good for those who rarely study and want to do practice like things In their lives, doing h.m is not a bad deal a very huge number of students has already made their career in this field and now they are earning the big bucks.
  4. Creative courses :- creative course includes courses like painting, music, dance, photography, learning languages and much more.. Youth from India is now diverting towards these kind of courses and the good thing is that they are achieving their goals the only thing required in this kind of education is creative. So if you are creative enough then without any doubt you can apply for these creative courses after passing your 12 the class.
  5. Sports :- sports is always a good option for some sports lover students although there is a large competition in this category but instead of this a big number of student after passing there 12th class taking admissions in cricket and football clubs to improve there skills and make career In sports. If you think that you cannot do great in field of study then sports can be taken as a good option for you.
  6. Entrepreneurship :- what is entrepreneurship? Well this is a category of those students who want to do to business at their own without pursuing any degree. This is one of the most risky way to play with your life but once one gets succeed in this time they enjoy it for there life time. Take this risk only when you know what do to and how to do.
  7. Part time jobs: again some of the students thinks that they have achieved everything in their lives so they searches for a part time job and this is a problem because they really don’t have any idea that what they are doing. Actually they are burning their precious time of taking education in doing the shitty jobs. These part time jobs are not gonna take you anywhere so in my opinion you should not direct your life towards these kind of holes after getting passed from your 12 the class.
  8. Acting :- if you look great and you have great acting skills and you do not live study too much then acting as an artist is a good option for you. Today media is spreading in a viral way. YouTube is one of the great way to explore yourself. I will not say that this field is easy to do but there is a good scope to find yourself. If you are really good enough then surely you can continue this as a career after passing your 12 the class.
  9. Prepare for IIT :- if you are great at studies then it is always suggested to crack IIT exams the reason behind this is very simple. The king companies like Facebook, google, Microsoft takes their employees fro. These great colleges of India. So doing IIT is one of the most valuable asset of your life I my terms one should always try for this exam. And once you crack the IIT exam you will also crack a good salary.
  10. Army jobs :- preparing for army exams like NDA is one of great option after passing 12th class. This required a lot of hard work but it not impossible to do every year approx 12000 students cracks these kind of examinations and you can be on if these 12000 students.

Hope you have found these point helpful for you there are more number of opportunities after completion of 12 the class please mention in comments if you need any help or suggestion, I will reply for your help. Until then stay connected.

Thank you.

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