Top 100 Question Mostly Asked In All Competitive Exams

Wow ! The title is itself indicating that here, you will get something large. And I think it will be extra large. 100 Question Asked In Competitive Exams. Yes, that is too at the same place. So, without taking your much time. Here, is the list of those questions. Have a look.

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100 Question Asked In Competitive Exams

Just look at these question. I hope, it will be helpful for you.

  1. Article 20 of the Fundamental Rights represents which subject?
  2. Within what period, the Parliament has to approve Financial emergency declared by the President?
  3. Who declares the financial emergency?
  4. On the subject of budget, demands for the grant are arranged in which way?
  5. In how many parts, the Budget is presented in Lok Sabha?
  6. How are the parts of the Budget known as?
  7. For which Election, one General Electoral Roll for every territorial Constituency shall exist?
  8. Which Constitutional Article deals with `Representation of the Anglo-Indian Community’ with House of the People?
  9. In which State a separate district has been reserved for Scheduled Tribes?
  10. In the Second Reading, what kind of process is adopted to approve the Bill?
  11. Who has the authority to call a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament?
  12. Who appoints Ad hoc Committee on Parliament?
  13. By which procedure the Indian President and American President are elected as laid down by their country’s constitution?
  14. In what way our Indian Parliament is not Sovereign or Supreme with respect to the Constitution
  15. Who has said that basic features of the Indian Constitution do not amount to a change?
  16. What is the nature of India’s political system?
  17. Which constitutional article empowers amendment in the Constitution of India?
  18. Which constitutional organ has the power to amend Constitution of India?
  19. On which subject, Parliament has the power to amend the Constitution and the same also need ratification by the State Legislature?
  20. Under which Constitutional Amendment Act, Article 368 of the Constitution was amended for the first time?
  21. Which Supreme Court Judgement pronounced that Fundamental Rights cannot be a bridge?
  22. Who curbed the Judicial Review power of Judiciary through Amendment of the Constitution?
  23. Who restored the Judicial Review power of Judiciary under Indian Constitution?
  24. Who said in his judgement that no part of our Constitution is not amendable?
  25. What was the important landmark judgement regarding amendment of the Constitution?

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