Solved SSC GK Question with Answers – GK for SSC CGL CHSL

Solved SSC GK Question with Answers – GK for SSC CGL CHSL. Well! The aspirants who are having their exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission this year need to raise their eyebrows a bit. Here, we have bring you the General Knowledge questions which are ideal to appear in the Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam and Combined Graduate Level conducted by Staff Selection Commission. Important question and answers for various competitive exams.

Yes, all the solved question and answers for the candidates who are so desperate to crack the exam this year. You guys, just need to stay here and keep browsing our site. You will get the full stuff for the exam of Staff Selection Commission here. And Yeah, you can also download the PDF of these questions for studying them later.

GK Question with Answers – SSC CGL CHSL

The General Knowledge Questions and Answers for the aspirants who are lighting up the night oil from so many year just to crack the Graduate or Higher Secondary Level Exam of Staff Selection Commission. Every year the department conduct exams for the recruitment of different posts and so many deserving candidates got selection too. But, then also there are so many who are brilliant in all the section but always lack down in General Knowledge Section. Yes, i know. This happens with most of the aspirants. This is the only section which become the reason of downfall of so many aspirants. so, if you too are among one of those students who can consider themselves in this category then you need to stay connected with us. Here, you will get all sort of help related to competitive exams. From questions to tips and suggestions. For now, give a check on these Solved SSC GK Question with Answers – GK for SSC CGL CHSL.

  1. Public health and sanitation, under the Indian Constitution fall in which list? – State list
  2. Among the biotic components of the ecosystem, the producer system is ? – Green Plants
  3. Approximately how many Galaxies are there ? –  100 Billion Galaxies
  4. The festival kumbh mela is celebrated in –  Uttar Pradesh
  5. Plants receive their nutrients mainly from? – soil
  6. The game chess had its origin in – India
  7. How many bones are there in the human body? – 206
  8. Contribution of agriculture to Gross National Product is approximately ? – 17.5%
  9. Which is correct order of solar system starting from Sun? – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
  10. Who authored the Book ‘The One Straw Revolution’? – Masanobu Fukuoka
  11. Which planet is biggest in size in solar system? – Jupiter
  12. Which of has following group of gases contribute  to the ‘Green House Effect’ ? – Carbon dioxide and Methane
  13. The best indicator of economic development of any country is ? – Its per capita income
  14. Who is known as ‘The Father of Organic Farming’? – Albert Howard
  15. Which one of the following disease is not transmitted by tiger mosquitoes ? – Japanese Encephalitis
  16. Which state is the biggest tea producer in the country ? – Assam
  17. Which one of the following air pollution can affect blood stream leading to death? – Carbon monoxide
  18. Operation Flood associated with the increase in the production of? – Milk
  19. What is movement of cell against concentration gradient is called – active transport
  20. Which country is the leading producer of vegetables? – India

Well ! Hopefully, these questions and answers of General Knowledge section would help you a lot. Either it is some competitive written exam or a job interview, most of the times, the ability of a candidate is checked on the basis of his general knowledge. his knowledge of outside world and of course, the knowledge of his own country. So, if you want to crack any of the exam of Staff Selection Commission then just reading few questions from here will not gonna sort out anything. You need to study very hard. Like, you have to keep yourself updated with all the latest news with the help of news channels, newspaper and of course, web.

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According to experts, if you want to make your solid command on General Knowledge Section then you seriously need to be a daily person. Yes, the one who is always interested in daily updates of outside world. There is no limit of General Knowledge. All you need is to explore more and more.

Keep Studying here. All the very best for your next exam.

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