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Scientist & Inventions MCQ General Knowledge

⊲Which scientist discovered the radioactive element radium?
Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin
Marie Curie ✓
Isaac Newton

⊲What is the name of the CalTech seismologist who invented the scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes?
Hiram Walker
Giuseppe Mercalli
Joshua Rumble
Charles Richter ✓

⊲This statesman, politican, scholar, inventor, and one of early presidents of USA invented the swivel chair, the spherical sundial, the moldboard plow, and the cipher wheel.
John Adams
George Washington
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson ✓

⊲Where is the village of Branston, after which the famous pickle is named?
Staffordshire ✓

⊲Until Victorian times, chocolate was thought of as a drink. When did the first chocolate bar appear?
No one knows. Not sure ✓

⊲The Manhattan Project was started by President Roosevelt in 1942 to ensure that the U.S. beat the Germans in developing a nuclear bomb. Whom did Roosevelt appoint as scientific head the Manhattan Project?
James B. Conant ✓
Leslie R. Groves
Vannevar Bush
Robert Oppenheimer

⊲What ‘game’ was first produced by the Southern Novelty Company in Baltimore, Maryland in 1892?
Ouija board ✓
Ping Pong

⊲What charge card, developed in 1950, was the first to be accepted nationally in the US?
Master Charge
Diner’s Club ✓

⊲Benjamin Franklin was a prolific inventor. He invented the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, studied electricity, discovered the Gulf Stream, started the first library, and on and on. Among his many other inventions, what musical instrument did he invent?
Harmonium ✓

⊲Ralph Samuelson was only 18 when he invented this sporting item in 1922. What was that?
Water skis ✓
Golf tee
Hang glider

⊲What piece of clothing was invented by French fashion designer Louis Reard in 1946?
Bikini ✓
Zoot suit
Tank top

⊲For over 500 years, paper was only available and sold as single sheets. In 1902, an inventive Australian used half size sheets of paper, a bit of glue and cardboard to create the what?
Notepad ✓
Notice Board
Telephone Book

⊲William Frederick is credited with the invention of the modern frisbee in the mid 1950’s. In 1957 the Wham-O Company bought his idea and the rest is history. They named the toy after William Frisbie who was a______?
Owner of a pizza parlor
Student at Yale
Pie maker ✓
Ceramic plate designer

⊲The initials JCB on earth-moving equipment are those of the founder of the company that makes it. What is his name?
Joseph Cyril Bamford ✓
John Christopher Baxter
Jack Croxford Baker
John Christopher Ballantyne

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