Salman khan got 5 years jail – { BREAKING NEWS }

salman khan got 5 years jail: India is a country where every people has equal rights of constitution no matters weather he/she is a celebrity or not, OK this time Bollywood star salman khan who was facing a 13 year old case which was driving drunk and rolled his vehicle on footpath slept people. The result of this case has declared after 13 years which really a long time and according to the results from the court Star Salman Khan has declared a 5 years jail. Now salman khan has to face the jail although he has an option to appeal in high court.

salman khan got 5 years jail – Is It Fair ?

Yes surely this is fair at all, well you should know that salman khan had to face the jail of 10 years but having some problem on his left face (some medical issues) his time of jail has diminished to 5 years only. It is declared clearly from the court that salman khan cannot apeal for Bail now, that means he has to face complete 5 years in jail.
Salman khan may get the jail of 3 years but according to the constitution of India he has now 5 years in jail.
The result is declared today, and we should respect our constitution because he has announces the same punishment for salman khan as a common person and this is completely fair now.

Salman khan has arrested directly from the court when the result got declared. He killed 3 people and according to the Law he should get more time on jail but since he has some medical issues he has got only 5 years jail.

There were a delay in result from the court as there were no electricity on the court. Court is strictly ignoring the appeals from the outer people who is supporting salman khan.

What will happen Next 

This is very happy event since the result has finally out and this proves that nobody is above the law and no one can beat the India law and yest that is India our India.

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