Removal of CCE pattern for class 10th

CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) is a pattern followed by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) up to class 10th. The pattern was introduced by Kapil Sibbal (Former Education Minster of India)  and came into forge on 20/9/2009. It was developed to enhance creative skills among students, so that they could make themselves skillful, and can build their level to creativity, ad brain development. Its main objective was to make learning more easier and interesting so that no one can find education boring, and to make students more interactive to studies. This pattern is followed from 6th to 10th class.

What Is CCE?

CCE(Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) means, Continuous stands for assessment of a student throughout the year, and not just at the end of a term. It is done both formally and informally. By formally we mean that a student is assessed based on its academics and informally deals with assessment of a student based on its participation, attentiveness, etc.  Comprehensive takes care of assessment of all round development of a child’s personality. A child is assessed not only in terms of his knowledge about a subject but his participation in other activities also,  like attentiveness in the class, response, involvement in the activities(presentation, group discussion, assignment, debates, quiz) organized in the class.

CCE works on the growth of a student in two aspects – Scholastic and Co-scholastic.

The term scholastic deals with the aspects that are related to intelligence, understanding. Basically it deals with brain means academics. It is related to the judgement or assessment of a student in curricular subject. It includes all the assignments, projects, practicals etc and the term co-scholastic deals with the activities related to your hand and heart, means your creativity, participation in activities. Every thing related to activities is counted under this.

Assessment of the Student:

According to thee norms of CBSE, a session is divided into two parts:

  1. First session i.e., from April to September
  2. Second session begins from October to March.

Each term consists of two formative and one summative. And the syllabus that has been covered in thee first term is not included in the second term.

Time Schedule And Weightage:

First term of the academic session that begins from April – September carries the weightage of

  • FA I – April to July 10%
  • FA 2 – July to Sept. 10%
  • SA I – End of Sept. 20%

Second term of the academic session that begins from October – March carries the weightage of

  • FA 3 – Oct. to Dec. 10%
  • FA 4 – Dec. to Feb. 10%
  • SA 2 – End of March 40%

Removal of CCE pattern for class 10th

As we have mentioned above that CCE pattern starts from the grade 6th to 10th. But, now CBSE has amended some changes within the system, for class 10th from the academic session 2017. The initiative is very genuine for the welfare of the students. Till now, what happened is that students of class 10th are given a choice whether they want to opt for home board or for the proper boards.

Now, what is difference between both the boards. When a student opts for home board, his exam is conducted in his school only,  and the paper selection is also done by the school teachers. And if he opts for proper boards, then you have to go to some other school where ever your examination center is. And, the paper too is decided by CBSE. Also the evaluation of sheets in the home boards is done by the teachers of that school, but when giving proper boards, your sheet are evaluated by some other teacher.

Not only this, the syllabus is also restricted, means that the syllabus that you have covered in the first term, is not repeated in the second term. “The system is not doing any welfare with the students as the whole CCE pattern depends on grading, so the student who has scored 99 marks, is also given A1 grade and the student scoring 91 is also given the same grade.” The pattern is not creating any difference among the two.

Although the system has no faults in it, it was just introduced so that the students can learn things with fun, so that the students can become more skillful and creative and can increase their overall personality rather thn taking the stress of the studies. But the system is taken for granted by the students. They are at all not paying attention to their academics, they are at all not serious for their board exams, and treating it as if they are going for a normal class test. Everyone has built their own philosophy, that hardly matters we study or not, we will pass the examination, as the board has decided not the fail any student till class 10th. And this mentality is just de-grading their performance.

As till now, 60% weightage is given to the school based evaluation and 40% weightage is given to the marks you score in examinations and the syllabus is also divided into two parts. But, from academic session 2017, 80% weightage will be given the marks that you will score in examination and 20% will be based on school based evaluation and also whole of the syllabus will be covered in board examinations means that the question paper will be designed from whole of the book.

The changes were important also, as till high school students do their studies without any stress, but as soon as they are promoted to class 11th, the syllabus is so vast that it becomes a hectic for them. The syllabus becomes almost unmanageable for the students and this leads to their poor performance in +1 and +2.

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100% cce pattern removed

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