Mostly Asked Interview Questions With Answers | Read here

Mostly Asked Interview Questions With Answers | Read here – Whether you are a student or a working individual, at one stage of life or another you have to face interview phase. If you’re a student then you have a whole lot of chances to appear for a couple of interviews including jobs. Handling interview phase with ease is really important if you want to get noticed by interviewer in a good way.

Asking seniors or any other experienced can only suggest you one or two tips to follow like, wear a smile on your face or maintain a good posture, don’t lean forward or don’t be too nervous etc but these suggestion work only at the initial stage of interview. As soon as the interviewer start questioning individual’s mind becomes blank. So today we’re gonna show you Mostly Asked Interview Questions With Answers | Read here. 

Mostly Asked Interview Questions With Answers | Read here

1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

  • This is the most asked question in any interview and one of the hard one. The only person who can answer this is you yourself cause you’re the only person who know everything about yourself. So whenever interviewer asks you this question just take a deep breath and start. First mention your current position and what are you doing. Then slide back to your schooling. Mention little about your family background. Then tell them about your hobbies (mention only thing you have some knowledge about and real things), achievements (if any), your strength and weakness (only those that you have overcome with time).

2. What do you know about this company/ organisation?

  • Do your homework on the past and present position of company and important events and people related to it.

3. Why should we hire you? or Why do you think you’re good for this post?

  • Tell them about your strength that can help the organisation to prosper. If you don’t find any of such strength in yourself try to relate you education with the position you are being interviewed for.

4. What is/ are your greatest professional strengths?

  • Answer if you have done something good or big in professional way like created this instrument or were part of XYZ organisation in ABC research project. If you don’t have anything to mention just say, “Sir, I didn’t get the opportunity to show my skills”.

5. What do you consider to be your weaknesses? OR what is you greatest weakness?

  • Mention weakness you had and now you have overcame it. Never say anything that may be blocking your recruitment like I’m very lazy or I do things by fits and start. Just say something you were bad at but you improvised it with time like I was very lazy in my school or college days but soon I got over it.

6. Have you ever faced any challenge or conflict at work? How you dealt with that challenge/ conflict?

  • Answer only when you had faced something very serious in professional way.

7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • It is one of the trickiest question. Don’t get too much excited and answer like I will be a millionaire after 5 years or I’ll be at your position after 5 years. Tell about social achievements you will pursue during the time period.

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