JNU Slogans Are Political Target Or It’s Rage of Students

JNU Slogans Are Political Target Or It’s Rage of Students– There is no need to be mad about what happened in JNU. Students in universities around the world have any thought or political affiliation. They may be nationalists or internationalists, liberal or radical. As a student I was active in politics and participated in the activities of the students union. I was responsible for most of the outgoing communication from the students union office in the form of posters, appeals and ideas. I was also the editor of the students union’s official magazine. And therefore have witnessed these thoughts closely.

I always identified at center-left of political spectrum who from time to time jumped towards conservatism. I did not like the communists and found them intellectually fake. They claimed to be well read but their expressions lacked understanding of the actual situation. They seemed far too open morally and politically for me to digest at that time.

JNU Slogans Are Political Target Or It’s Rage of Students

A university comprises of communists, anarchists, nationalists, hindu and muslim fundamentalists, evangelists, satanists and what not! There are more thoughts and ideas shared and discussed between students than you ever imagined. And students are not intellectually bankrupt like us as they are constantly learning. They don’t form affiliations and not talk to each other because their godfathers have forbidden them like it is happening these days… A healthy discussion is a part of the university culture unless a political party comes in a spoils the atmosphere of debate.

I am one hundred percent sure that the slogans were raised by Kashmiri students… Or managed by a political party… But that’s great… Once they are done with it they will realise how good a university is, which lets them raise their voice. There would be sane people who would try and talk them out of the hate by presenting facts… Others will ignore their rants and counter protest.

I went to a university… And so did many of you. And trust me a university can accommodate more thoughts than your brain… So don’t bother to abuse on social media. What you saw/rather heard is bad but a part of a bigger confluence of thoughts which shape a democracy.

Some people will now say why didn’t my blood boil on hearing those slogans… Well it did, but I was able to pin point the source… Either it was 10-15 so called representatives of .6 percent of India’s population (muslim Kashmiris) or 10-15 representatives of 31 percent… In both cases their sheer lack of numbers makes the matter irrelevant.

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1 year 2 months ago
While I agree to the most part of your view DK, I dont agree with some part of it. We can not trivialise the matter by saying outsiders shouted the slogan, the student union of JNU facilitated it, they were a mute spectator of the same, they didnt try to stop them. The kind of slogans were shouted cant be brushed inside the carpet or written off in the name of freedome of expression. Look at the best democracies, they deal with such threats sternly. Also, we know about the murmurs & at times open discussions about the activities happening… Read more »
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