ISIS Agent Caught Seen In Dehradun on 26th Jan 2016

ISIS Agent Caught/ Seen In Dehradun on 26th Jan 2016: Yesterday was 26 January 2016, Republic Day of India which is celebrated by every person of India with happiness. In India since 1993 the terrorism was spread through all over the India, as you know that on 2nd of January 2016 in Pathankot Air Force Base which is located in Pathankot, Punjab was attacked by the ISIS terrorist, on that attack Indian have lost their 7 security personnel in which 5 are of DSC (Defence Security Corps, 1 is IAF Garud Commando and 1 is National Security Guard, approx 20 peoples in which 8 of IAF and 12 of National Security Guard are injured in this attack, this attack was attacked by 6 ISIS Agent.

Now, after Pathankot Air Force Base attack the groups of these terrorists are looking for many places of India where they are planning to attack, one of these places they are targeting is set to be Dehradun, on 26 January 2016 in afternoon time the ISIS Agent Caught/ Seen In Dehradun area.

In this article, you can get current news about ISIS Agent which was sawed in Dehradun area.

ISIS Agent Caught Seen In Dehradun:

Dehradun which is the capital of Uttarakhand State, it was the latest new that on 26 January 2016 at afternoon time the Agents of ISIS are sawed in some area of Dehradun. According to the Dehradun police these ISIS Agents are also related to Pathankot attack, from yesterday (26 January 2016) the main areas of Dehradun were alerted. Uttarakhand Police and investigation team are searching for this.

This is just a rumour, the new is not confirm that the ISIS Agent Caught/ Seen In Dehradun.

Some Of Major Attack By Terrorist In Indian From 1993 To 2016:

  • In March 1993- 13 Bomb blast in Mumbai, more than 350 people killed and more than 1000 are injured.
  • In December 1996- A bomb explore in the express train state of Assam above 30 peoples are die.
  • In February 1998- 12 Bomb attacks in 11 location in the city of Tamil Nadu. Above 60 people die and above 200 injured.
  • In October 2001- Car Bomb attack and three suicide bombers.
  • In October 2005- In New Delhi there were 3 explosions, in which 62 peoples died and above 200 peoples were injured.
  • In The year 2006- There was 2 blast in month of March and July, for both blasts responsibility taken by the Lashkar-e Kahar:
    • In March- Varanasi city of Uttar Pradesh, the home was exposed in which above 25 people killed and above 100 are injured.
    • In July- In Mumbai on suburban trains seven bombs are blasts in 11 minutes.
  • In the Year 2007 (February & August)- Bomb Blast.
  • In the Year 2008- In 2008 horrible time for India, there were most bomb blast and attacked by the terrorist in various city of India
  • In the Year 2010- In Pune city of Maharashtra bomb blast at German Bakery.
  • In the Year 2011- Bomb Blast outside the High Court of New Delhi. Approx 11 people are killed and above 75 are injured.
  • In the Year 2013- Bomb Blast.
  • In the Year 2016- 2nd of January 2016 attack in Pathankot Indian Air Force Base.

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