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As you know that the Staff Selection Commission (which is also known as SSC) is a government organisation which conduct written and other exams in order to appoint people for various posts in different government departments. Nowadays since people are dying to get selected in some government department for which they obviously apply for all the possible government exams. And SSC exams are always counted in prestigious ones therefore making it ultimate attraction for applicants to apply for. The better is the post, the more will be people applying for it, which ultimately means that there will be a huge competition. In order to crack the exam people do often look top 10 tips to crack any competitive exam and  stuff like SSC GK Questions With Answers (which of course we are providing you below). One of the the main thing that will prepare you for the SSC exam is keeping yourself updated with current affairs. You can click on the links to checkout the tips and current affairs SSC exams.

 SSC GK Questions With Answers

Like we have mentioned above that one of the best way to keep yourself prepared for the SSC exams is reading newspapers and other sources of General knowledge. But as all of us know these words are only good to say and very hard to do as none of us are habitual to it. Those who can follow the disciplined way of reading newspapers and stuff, then well and good for you, but for those of you who just do not want to buy it below are the  SSC GK Questions With Answers that our research team have collected after doing some serious hard work.

So here are the  SSC GK Questions With Answers .

  1. How many members can a president nominate or choose in Rajya Sabha?
    • Ans : 2 members.
  2. Areas wise which is the smallest state of India?
    • Ans : Goa is the smallest state with  3702 sq. km area.
  3. Who was the first Indian female to win a Medal in Olympic games?
    • Ans : Karnam Malleswari, a weight lifter.
  4. Which award is considered as the highest civilian award in India?
    • Ans : Bharat Ratna.
  5. First Indian woman to climb mount Everest is..
    • Bachendri Pal, she climbed the everest in 1984.
  6. Who created the microsoft email service Hotmail ?
    • Ans : Sabeer Bhatia.

More SSC GK Questions With Answers

There are some pdfs which will help you to crack the exam and most important question which usually asks in the SSC CGL exams.

Download GK For SSC CGL

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