Very important General Knowledge Question With Answers Competitive exams – Download PDF

As you are preparing for some sort of competitive exam then you must be fully prepare for general knowledge section in your competitive exam, Here our team has collected the best and Very important General Knowledge Question With Answers Competitive exams – Download PDF. Every competitive exam has its own value and different kind of general knowledge(G.K) Section here these top 10 important questions will surely help you out to crack your exams like CAT, NDA, GRE, SSC, CDS , GATE, MAT, Bank Exam, Railway Exam.
As long you read these questions below do not forget to learn them you will surely find these question very important for your upcoming exam. You can also check Top 10 General Knowledge Objective Question With Answers Asked In Every Competitive Exam. These questions are also very important and fetched from very trusted books.

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General Knowledge Question With Answers Competitive exams

We have collected the Best Question with the answer that is mostly asked in the competitive exam for government jobs.  Here you will get daily updated question that will help you in any exam.

Who was the largest serving Chief Minister in India?  

A.  Bhajan Lal
B.  Chimanbhai Patel
C.  Jyoti Basu
D.  Hiteshwar Saikia

Answer: C

The second largest river basin in india is of the river  

A.  Brahmaputra
B.  Narmada
C.  Krishna
D.  Godavari

Answer: D

The book ‘Letters from a Father to Daughter’ was written by  

A.  Rajaji
B.  Mahatma Gandhi
C.  Jawaharlal Nehru
D.  Radhakrishnan

Answer: C

World’s first Woman Cosmonaut is  

A.  Junko Tabei
B.  Valentina Tereshkova
C.  Virginia wade
D.  Arati Gupta

Answer: B

The planet nearest to the sun is  

A.  Saturn
B.  Jupiter
C.  Venus
D.  Mercury

Answer: D

The mountain building in the Himalayas began
A. about 45 million years ago
B. when the continental plates of India and Eurasia converged on each other
C. both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

Answer: C

Plants wilt due to excess of
A. transpiration
B. photosynthesis
C. absorption
D. None of these

Answer A.

The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is
A. adding sodium carbonate
B. distillation
C. adding caustic soda
D. boiling

Answer: D.

For whom high heeled shoes were invented?
A. Cleopatra
B. Queen Elizabeth I
C. King Louis the XIV
D. King Charles II

Answer: C

When was the city Rome found by Romulus?
A. 753 BC
B. 604 BC
C. 660 BC
D. None of the above

Answer: A

The term yavanika meant?
A. foreign goods
B. dancer
C. curtain
D. theater

Answer: C

Which of the following is used as a moderator in the nuclear reactor?
A. Thorium
B. Graphite
C. Radium
D. Ordinary water

Answer: B

Bismillah Khan was associated with?
A. Sarod
B. Shehnai
C. Flute
D. Tabla

Answer: B
The members of Lok Sabha are
A. directly elected by the people
B. indirectly elected
C. nominated
D. partly elected and partly nominated

Answer: A.
Revenue of the state governments are raised from the following sources, except

A. entertainment tax
B. expenditure tax
C. agricultural income tax
D. land revenue

Answer: C.

The value of Gold is determined in  

A.  Rome
B.  Washington
C.  Teheran
D.  London

Answer: D.


First University in India was founded at  

A.  Bombay
B.  Chennai
C.  Calcutta
D.  Delhi

Answer: C.

The largest ocean in the world is  

A.  The Indian Ocean
B.  The Antarctic
C.  The Atlantic Ocean
D.  The Pacific Ocean

Answer: D.

Second World war began in  

A.  1931
B.  1935
C.  1937
D.  1939

Answer: D.

The chemical name of common salt is  

A.  Potassium Chloride
B.  Sodium Chloride
C.  Calcium Carbonate
D.  Sodium Carbonate

Answer: B.

The first English Newspaper in India was started by  

A.  Dadabhai Noroji
B.  JA Hickey
C.  Lord William Bentinck
D.  Rabindranath Tagore

Answer: B.

The first bank established in india was  

A. punjab bank
B. traders bank
C. state bank of india
D. bank of hindustan

Answer: D.

The isomer of Glucose is  

A.  Ethanol
B.  Sugar
C.  Fructose
D.  Carbon

Answer: C.

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