ICSE & ISC Board 2016 Result Declare Date @cisce.org

ICSE & ISC Board 2016 Result Declare Date @cisce.org. ICSE and ISC both result will announce on same day and candidate have to wait for that important day. When will result out of icse and isc 2016. Let’s take last year record CISCE released/announced its board result on 18th May 2015. Expected result declare date is mentioned below to check the exam declare date and exam result date you should read this article till the end. Yeah, the students who had given the board exam of class 10th and 12th under the ICSE and ISC board this year, need to raise their brows a bit. As the board has finally unveil half of the suspense by declaring the date of the result. And this has bring so many hearts at the pounding stage and every student seems to be so tensed with the announcement that ICSE and ISC board result has finally declared the date of the result on its official website.

ICSE & ISC Board 2016 Result Declare Date

And if you are one of those students who are loosing their temper after you heard this news, then you must read our whole article till the end. We are telling you the date of the result and moreover, will give you other important information regarding it. Just read it full and you will get so much worth reading. Our team has get all previous record and now they are looking for the this year result declare/announce date. For both class class 10th (ICSE) and class 12th ISC result will be declared on same day.

Result will be declared 6th may 2016

 ICSE & ISC Board 2016 Result

At the moment, most of you must be thinking that i am wasting your time. You can also directly visit the official website of ICSE board for checking out your result. Is not it ? Yes, you can. But, how? I mean, do you know, how to reach there exactly? How to get all the information and details about the date of the result? Well ! This is the reason, we have here bring you this post. Lets read it full and gather all the important information regarding your result. Now, i am going to tell you the process for the quick check of the date of your result. Make sure that you follow the steps carefully. Don’t miss any.

Enter your roll no Check

  • Log on to the official website of ICSE board, i.e.cisce.org
  • Click on the link where ICSE & ISC Board 2016 Result has been mentioned.
  • Wait for the page to be opened fully and then fill all the required details.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • The result will be displayed on the screen and if in case, it is not released then there will be date displayed along with all the important information.
  • Click on the download button to download the PDF of the page.

Hopefully, you are satisfied with the result of your search by following these steps back to back.

 ICSE & ISC Board 2016 Result – Expected Statistics

Every year, thousand of students appear in the board examination of class 10th and 12th. This process has been continued from so many years. And at the same times, there are statisticians who record the result every year on the basis of the percentage of students passed in those years. Well ! Here, i am telling you the statistics of last few years and moreover, you will get to know the expected statistics of the ICSE & ISC Board 2016 Result of the year 2016. Have a look.

Year Over All Pass Percentage % Boys Girls No. of Students
2012 87.91 84.23 86.12 95,425
2013 91.64 89.45 90.61 99,981
2014 95.51 94.34 95.09 1,10,026
2015 98.02 97.30 97.78 1,49,087
2016 98.67 (Expected) 97.55 (Expected) 98.50 (Expected) 2,12,567 (Expected)

Well ! It seems that girls are on the top in previous years and as per the expectation of the statisticians, this year too, girls will be the bit forward to the boys. But, let me remind you that this is just the expected statistics and the final result is yet to be declared.

 ICSE & ISC Board 2016 Result – Suggestions Worth a Glance

As per the ICSE board, the result of class 10th and 12th are expected to be release till the end of this month and this is giving me such a good vibes for the students who had given the exam this year. I mean, as soon as the result will be declared, the tension and stress will be disappear. Till then, you have so many other option to spend this precious time of free being. Here are few suggestions from my side.

Click here for – ICSE class 10th result 2016

Click here for – ISC class 12th result 2016

First of all, let me remind you that there is a world outside the social network. Yes, i know, its damn interesting and such a good time pass for now. But, i would suggest you to maintain a bit distance before you get habitual to it. Instead give your time to your hobbies. Join some hobby class or do it at your home. Play your favorite outdoor sport which you have left during exams or join a dance class for which you are always craved for.
Learn from the internet. Yes, internet has so many things to enhance your creativity. Have some DIY ideas and try to make them at home with some waste.

The result has some time to be release till then enjoy the days by utilizing them. Have fun and make them worth it of your hard work you have did during exams.

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