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Honours and Awards MCQ General Knowledge Question. Yes, i know its a kind of mess for the students who are preparing for competitive exam to stay updated with all kind of Honours and Awards, people are getting day after the other. Its a kind of hotch-potch, generally the aspirants feel in their mind while going thorough all this. But, my dear friends. Let me aware you with a fact that this section of General studies is equally important as the other ones. In fact, most of the exams include one or two definite questions from this section. So, tie your seat belts and get ready to face the question from this section.
Actually, all you need is to stay updated with the latest awards and honours. Here, are some questions in this regard. Hopefully, it would be helpful.

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Honours and Awards MCQ General Knowledge Question

»Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2000 was awarded to the former President of South Africa along with
Grameen Bank of Bangladesh
World Health Organisation
Sathish Dawan
C. Subramanian

»The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award was conferred to Ms. Kiran Bedi for her excellent contribution in which of the following fields?
Community Welfare
Government Service

»Which of the following societies has instituted an award for an outstanding parliamentarian?
R. D. Birla samara Kosh
G. B. Pant Memorial Society
Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies
Jamanlal Bajaj Foundation

»The first Indira Gandhi Award for International Justice and Harmony has been given to
Larry Pressler
Hussain Ibrahim Zaki
Amnesty International
Yasser Arafat

»Who among the following is the recipient of the first Dayawati Modi Award for art, culture and education?
Amitabh Bachchaan
Dharmavir Bharti
B. V. Karanth
Ashok Vajpeyi

»Who among the following is not a recipient of the Bharatiya Jnanpith Award?
M. F. Hussain
Ashaparna Devi
Raghupathi Sahai
V. K. Gokak

»The UNSECO’s ‘Prix Jules Verne’ prize has been given to which of the following serials of Doordarshan?
Turning Point
The World This Week
Eye Witness

»The highest civilian award of India ‘Bharat Ratna’ has been awarded to only two foreigners so far. One of them is Nelson Mandela. The other is
Mikhail Gorbachev
Abdul Ghaffar khan
Abdul Wali Khan
Marshal Tito

»Which of the following awards was conferred upon Smt. Aruna Asaf Ali for her role in the welfare of adult and women?
Moorti Devi Award
UNSECO Literacy Award
Tagore Literacy Award
Kalinga Prize

»Which of the following famous financial journals of international repute confers ‘Finance minister of the year’ Award?
Business Standard
Money Matters
Dalal Street

»On whom did the U. S. President George W. Bush bestow, in 2002, the U.S.’s highest award for life time achievement in the field of scientific research?
Arun Netravalli
Dr.Hargoving Kohrana
Subramania Chandrasekar
Subramania Chandrasekar

»Who among the following got the ‘Bharat Ratna’ award, before becoming the President of India?
R. Venkatramanan
Dr. Zakir Hussain
V. V. Giri
Dr. Rajendra Prasad

»Global 500′ awards are given for the outstanding achievement in which of the following fields?
Population control
Elimination of illiteracy
Protection of environment
Campaign against AIDS

»→Which of the following societies has instituted an award for an outstanding parliamentarian?
Jamanlal Bajaj Foundation
G. B. Pant Memorial Society
Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies
R. D. Birla samara Kosh

Dear Readers ! Generally the students preparing for some sort of competitive exam lack down in General studies which ironically the most important part to increase the marks. All you need is a good preparation strategy and of course, the presence of mind. You must be well aware of the latest happenings which are going around.
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