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Dear Aspirants ! Here, we are back with one more questionnaire of multiple choice questions from Indian economy. The questions from this topic are generally seen in the exams of government job. Here, are the selected questions from the last year papers under the experts of this subject. Indian Economy General Knowledge MCQ. Read it down.

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Indian Economy General Knowledge MCQ.

⇔Development expenditure of the Central government does not include
expenditure on economic services
expenditure on social and community services
Defence expenditure
grant to states

⇔In the last one decade, which one among the following sectors has attracted the highest foreign direct investment inflows into India?
Chemicals other than fertilizers
Services sector
Food processing

⇔Deficit financing leads to inflation in general, but it can be checked if
only aggregate demand is increased
all the expenditure is denoted national debt payment only
government expenditure leads to increase in the aggregate supply in ratio of aggregate demand
All of the above

⇔If all the banks in an economy are nationalized and converted into a monopoly bank, the total deposits
It will neither increase nor decrease
It will decrease
It will increase
None of these

⇔On which one of the followings is the benefits received principle of taxation to achieve optimal bases?
Ability to pay for the benefit
Total benefit received
Marginal benefit received
Average benefit received

⇔One of the reasons for India’s occupational structure remaining more or less the same over the years has been that
productivity in agriculture has been high enough to induce people to stay with agriculture
investment pattern has been directed towards capital intensive industries
ceiling on land holdings have enabled more people to own land and hence their preference to stay with agriculture
people are largely unaware of the significance of transition from agriculture to industry for economic development

⇔If the cash reserve ratio is lowered by the RBI, its impact on credit creation will be to
increase it
Decrease it
No impact
None of the above

⇔In the state of India, the State Financial Corporation have given assistance mainly to develop
Agriculture farms
Cottage industries
large scale industries
medium and small-scale industries

⇔Which of the following items would not appear in a company’s balance sheet?
Total issued capital
Value of stocks of raw materials held
Revenue from sales of the company’s products
Cash held at the bank

⇔Our financial system has provided for the transfer of resources from the centre to the states; the important means of resource transfer are
tax sharing
all of the above

⇔In pursuance with the recommendations of Narsimhan Committee, the RBI has framed new guidelines
to setup more foreign exchange banks
to reduce the freedom given to banks to rationalize their existing branch network
to lend more easily for industrial development
to govern entry of new private sector banks to make the banking sector more competitive

⇔The condition of indirect taxes in the country’s revenue is approximately
80 percent
86 percent
70 percent
75 percent

⇔Which of the following is the first Indian private company to sign an accord with Government of Myanmar for oil exploration in two offshore blocks in that country?
Essar Oil
Reliance Energy

⇔Revenue of the state governments are raised from the following sources, except
agricultural income tax
entertainment tax
expenditure tax
land revenue

Dear aspirants ! Economy is one of the most important part of General Studies in any of the competitive exam and there is a plus point that this section is not that wide. All you need is a concerned study. Keep reading here for more questions from different topics.

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