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Download GK Question & Answer PDF:-  Hello friends in this post we are providing you the question with the answer of GK (General Knowledge). Here you can download Gk question answer for all competitive exam. Here we are providing you Download Question & Answer PDF. You can browse more on exam result here.Here we are also providing you Gk question answer for maths, Physics, chemistry all the subject Ans also provide the Gk question related to the Indian history, political question and etc Gk and current affairshere you can get the Gk question answer for all topics and here you also get the daily Gk question answer, Gk for all competitive exam.

GK Question & Answer PDF (2016-17)

There are the best questions for the candidates who are getting coaching from the institutions. That you might study there work and time, height and distance, and other useful questions. We made the best section for you that will help you during the exam time. Because these questions are too important.

Most Important Question and Answers according to the competitive exams.

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 Question: Which is the highest literary award of the world?

 Answer: is Booker Prize

Question: Which among the sources of energy tapped in India has shown the largest growth till the Eighth plan?


Question: – With which sport is the Jules Rimet trophy associated?

Answer: – Football

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Question: Which amongst the following mammals has the highest metabolic rate in terms of oxygen consumption?

 Answer: – Mouse

Question:  Unofficial, and usually illegal, system of providing people with more then their share of goods and services where their prices are controlled, is called

 Answer: – black market

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Question:  The total number of members of UN Security Council is?

 Answer:– 15


Question: –  Treaty of Versailles rearranged the boundaries of several countries in Europe and many countries were formed such as? 

 Answer:Poland and Yugoslavia, Lithuania and Estonia


Question:  The world’s largest international organisation and a successor to the League of Nations is

 Answer: – UNO

Question: The three abundant elements in the earth’s crust are aluminium, oxygen and silicon. The correct order of their abundance is

 Answer: – oxygen, silicon, aluminium 

Question: – Which is the Biggest Museum?

Answer: – British Museum London

Question: Who among the Indian to win the Athletics Gold in 1998 Asian Games?

 Answer: Jyotirmoyee Sikdar

Question: – How many bones are there in human skull ?

Answer: – 22

Question: – The Olympic museum was opened at which of the following places? 

 Answer: – Lausanne

Question: – which country is known as land of lilies?


Question: – Which is the largest fresh water lake in India?

Answer: – Wular lake

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