Download General Science GK Objective Questions PDF

Download General Science GK Objective Questions PDF: Hello and welcome again in the previous post we have provided you the most important GK Questions on Famous Personalities. Now today in this article we will be covering the most important objective questions on General Science. Students from commerce and arts stream find a lot difficulty in learning or understand the General Science Gk Questions and answers. And that is why we are here. We have fetched the top 10 most important objective type questions related to GK General Science from the previous year question papers of many competitive exams. These General Science Objective type questions are important because these Objective questions are selected on the basis of a number of their occurrence in competitive exams And we are very sure that you will find these questions useful for you. These Questions are also very important for the exams like CAT, NDA, GRE, SSC, CDS, GATE, MAT, Bank Exam, Railway Exam.

General Science GK Objective Questions PDF

There are a number of websites which are providing the free PDF download for objective type question and answers for Gk general science and is one of them. Just use the link General knowledge on the first para and visit to general knowledge section of there you will find interesting stuff related to your competitive exam. So overall you won’t find any download PDF Gk general science link on this website.
But you don’t have to worry about that as we have already collected the best Objective type questions with their answers related to general Science.

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Top 10 Important General Science Objective Questions Ever.

Below are the selected and top important objective questions from General Science. Each question has it’s 4 options and out of each four options one option is correct which is colored with green color and put with a tick symbol. You can copy these questions and collect them to your word file also. in this way you do not have to run for download the PDF files.

  1. Diamond is an element.
  2. Yttrium is Not an isotope of hydrogen.
  3. Lithium is the lightest Metal.
  4. Balloons Are filled with helium.
  5. Zins And Gold do not contain a coinage metal.
  6. Lead is the metal which pollute the air of a big city.
  7. Green Flame in Fireworks produces due to Barium.
  8. By adding Washing Soda, the permanent hardness of water can be removed.
  9. Marsh gas is methane.
  10. LPG consists of mainly Methane, butane and propane.
  11. Air Is a mixture.
  12. Nitrous Oxide is laughing gas.
  13. Heavy water is deuterium oxide.
  14. The average salinity of sea water is 3.5%.
  15. The two element that are frequently used for making transistors is silicon and germanium.
  16. Diamond is and allotropic form of carbon.
  17. Sodium metal is kept under kerosene.
  18. Potassium nitrate is used in fertilizer.
  19. Soda water contains carbon dioxide.
  20. Pure water PH value is 7.
  21. The atom formed by the beta decay of carbon-14 is nitrogen-14.
  22.  Atoms which has the largest diameter? I
  23.  The chemial name of Uria is? Carbamide
  24. One fathom is equal to? 6 feet

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Hope you have found these General Science Objective Questions Useful. You can ask any question related to General Knowledge By making comment below and you will be answered for sure with perfect answers.

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