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Download Basic General Knowledge Questions: Hello everyone and welcome again, Today again we are here to deliver you the best and selected general knowledge/GK question with their answers. Here we have researched the entire internet to fetch the best and important general knowledge question and answers for your competitive exam. If you are preparing for some sorta of competitive exams then you are most welcome here because this is the place where you will find very important Gk quiz and answer in multiple choice form which you download in PDF form also. These questions are picked on the facts of current affairs only.
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Download Basic General Knowledge Questions

Don’t you want to build up your Gk skills? Do not you want to prove yourself a great candidate in your upcoming exam. Don’t you wanna be good learner in Gk. Yes surely yo want all this, and regarding all these questions we have collected the best Gk question with their answers related to current affairs.

Why To Learn General Knowledge Questions and Answers?

Well a few number of candidates takes a bit interest in general knowledge and this is the point where every candidate score less marks in their competitive exam. Learning general knowledge plays a vital role in every era of life and examinations. Not only Gk is useful for competitive exam but it also improves you conversations during some interviews.

Basic General Knowledge Questions with answers

OK below are top 10 selected Basic General knowledge questions with their answers the correct answers is highlighted with green color so that you can easily learn and remember it.

Which body of UNO gives advisory opinion on legal matters to the bodies and special agencies of the UNO?
A. The Security Council
B. International Court of Justice
C. Trusteeship Council
D. Secretariat

When did 19 NATO members and 11 ‘Partners for Peace’ join hands for peace plan for Kosovo Crisis?
A. 1999
B. 1989
C. 1979
D. 1969

When did US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin land on the moon?
A. July 21, 1969
B. July 21, 1970
C. July 21, 1963
D. July 21, 1972

In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is
A. 15 trillion
B. 20 trillion
C. 25 trillion
D. 30 trillion

India’s tallest stone statue of the Jain sage Gomateswara is at
A. Mysore, Karnakata
B. New Delhi
C. Sravanabelagola, Karnataka
D. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

Name the instrument used to measure relative humidity
A. Hydrometer
B. Hygrometer
C. Barometer
D. Mercury Thermometer

Olympic creed and oath was composed by ____ the founder of modern Olympics.
A. Rev Father Didon
B. Baron Pierre de Coubertin
C. Norman Pitchard
D. None of the above

For safety, the fuse wire used in the mains for household supply of electricity must be made of metal having
A. low melting point
B. high resistance
C. high melting point
D. low specific heat

To which country does the present UN Secretary-General belongs?
A. Ghana
B. South Korea
C. Spain
D. Sweden

The unit of current is
A. ohm
B. watt
C. ampere 
D. None of the above

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