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Simple Interest Aptitude Questions. Yes, this section too plays an important part in every question paper of every competitive exam. Well ! This is one of those chapters which we are studying from class 8th. And there is a plus point in this section that all you need is a basic practice. There will be nothing new. Most of the questions will be from the 10th standard textbook with some quirky intelligence. Here, we are providing you some questions from Simple Interest section which are most probable to come in exam. Practicing these questions will make your concepts clearer and will give you the better idea of this section.

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Simple Interest Aptitude Questions

Q1. Mr. Thomas invested an amount of Rs. 13,900 divided into two different schemes A and B at the simple interest rate of 14% p.a. and 11% p.a. respectively. If the total amount of simple interest earned in 2 years be Rs. 3508, what was the amount invested in Scheme B?

  1. Rs. 6400
  2. Rs. 6500
  3. Rs. 7200
  4. Rs. 7500
  5. Answer is: 6400

Q2. Reena took a loan of Rs. 1200 with simple interest for as many years as the rate of interest. If she paid Rs. 432 as interest at the end of the loan period, what was the rate of interest?

  1. 3.6
  2. 6
  3. 18
  4. None of these
  5. Answer is: 6

Q3. A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is:

  1. Rs. 650
  2. Rs. 690
  3. Rs. 698
  4. Rs. 700
  5. Answer is: Rs. 698

Q4. How much time will it take for an amount of Rs. 450 to yield Rs. 81 as interest at 4.5% per annum of simple interest?

  1. 3.5 years
  2. 4 years
  3. 4.5 years
  4. 5 years
  5. Answer is: 4 years

Q5. A sum fetched a total simple interest of Rs. 4016.25 at the rate of 9 p.c.p.a. in 5 years. What is the sum?

  1. Rs. 4462.50
  2. Rs. 8032.50
  3. Rs. 8900
  4. Rs. 8925
  5. Answer is: Rs. 8925

Q6. A sum of Rs. 12,500 amounts to Rs. 15,500 in 4 years at the rate of simple interest. What is the rate of interest?

  1. 3%
  2. 4%
  3. 5%
  4. 6%
  5. Answer is: 6%

Q7. A man took loan from a bank at the rate of 12% p.a. simple interest. After 3 years he had to pay Rs. 5400 interest only for the period. The principal amount borrowed by him was:

  1. Rs. 15,000
  2. Rs. 2000
  3. Rs. 10,000
  4. Rs. 20,000
  5. Answer is: Rs. 15,000

Q8. An automobile financier claims to be lending money at simple interest, but he includes the interest every six months for calculating the principal. If he is charging an interest of 10%, the effective rate of interest becomes

  1. 10%
  2. 10.25%
  3. 10.5%
  4. None of these
  5. Answer is: 10.25%

Q9. A sum of Rs. 725 is lent in the beginning of a year at a certain rate of interest. After 8 months, a sum of Rs. 362.50 more is lent but at the rate twice the former. At the end of the year, Rs. 33.50 is earned as interest from both the loans. What was the original rate of interest?

  1. 3.46%
  2. 8%
  3. 6%
  4. 9%
  5. Answer is: 3.46%

Q10. A lent Rs. 5000 to B for 2 years and Rs. 3000 to C for 4 years on simple interest at the same rate of interest and received Rs. 2200 in all from both of them as interest. The rate of interest per annum is

  1. 7%
  2. 8%
  3. 9%
  4. 10%
  5. Answer is: 10%

Q11. A certain amount earns simple interest of Rs. 1750 after 7 years. Had the interest been 2% more, how much more interest would it have earned?

  1. Rs. 35
  2. Rs. 350
  3. Rs. 245
  4. Cannot be determined
  5. Answer is: Cannot be determined

Dear aspirants ! Simple Interest section of Mathematical aptitude is one of the marks securing chapter of the competitive exam. All you need is revision of the maths Text book of 10th standard. Moreover, clearing your basic concepts is very much necessary.
Do visit here regularly. It will help you to secure good marks and we will help you to clear your basic concepts.

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