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Indian Air Force Physics Question Answers

Candidates who are searching for the Indian Air Force Physical Question Answer, here are the top important questions answers.

Q1. The dimension formulas for impulse is same as the dimensional formula for

  1. Force
  2. Momentum
  3. Torque
  4. Rate of change of momentum
  5. Answer is: Momentum

Q2. A ball is projected with a velocity of 15 m/s making an angle of 30 with the horizontal. Calculate the time of flight of the ball: given g= 10m/s

  1. 1 second
  2. 1.5 second
  3. 2 second
  4. 3 second
  5. Answer is: 1.5 second

Q3. Which of the following is the fundamental quantity?

  1. Time
  2. Volume
  3. Force
  4. Velocity
  5. Answer is: Time

Q4. Zener- diode is used as:

  1. An amplifier
  2. A Voltage regulator
  3. An rectifier
  4. An oscillator
  5. Answer is: A Voltage regulator

Q5. The magnetic flux through a 50- turn coil increase at the rate of 0.05 Wb/s? What is the induced emf between the ends of the coil?

  1. 2V
  2. 2.3V
  3. 2.5V
  4. 3V
  5. Answer is: 2.5V

Q6. The focal length of the objective of a telescope is 60 c.m. To obtain a magnification of 20, the focal length of the eyepiece should be.

  1. 2cm
  2. 3cm
  3. 5cm
  4. 7cm
  5. Answer is: 3cm

Q7. Atomic bomb is based on the principle of…………?

  1. Nuclear Fusion
  2. Nuclear Fission
  3. Radio Emission
  4. Nuclear Transition
  5. Answer is: Nuclear Fission

Q8. A weightless rubber balloon has 100gm of water in it. Its weight in water will be.

  1. Zero
  2. 100gm
  3. 250gm
  4. 300gm
  5. Answer is: Zero

Q9. Which of the following is a derived unit?

  1. Velocity
  2. Mass
  3. Length
  4. Time
  5. Answer is: Velocity

Q10. If a force ‘f’ action on a mass ‘m’ produces acceleration ‘a’ then as per Newton’s second law of motion:

  1. f= a/m
  2. f= ma
  3. m= af
  4. f= m/a
  5. Answer is: f= ma

Q11. The efficiency of a cornet engine working between the steam point and ice point is:

  1. 23.8%
  2. 26.8%
  3. 27.8%
  4. 28.8%
  5. Answer is: 26.8%

Q12. Railway tracks are banked on curves so that.

  1. No frictional force may be produced between the tracks and wheels
  2. Necessary centripetal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of normal reaction due to the track
  3. The train may not fall down inward
  4. None of the these
  5. Answer is: Necessary centripetal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of normal reaction due to the track

Q13. The electromagnetic waves used in the telecommunication are …….

  1. Microwave
  2. Ultraviolet
  3. Visible
  4. Answer is: Microwave

Q14. The momentum of a boy of 60 Kg weight running at 10 m/s is ……….

  1. 450 Kg m/s
  2. 480 Kg m/s
  3. 550 Kg m/s
  4. 600 Kg m/s
  5. Answer is: 600 Kg m/s

Q15. A net force of 350 N acts on a body of mass 70 Kg which is initially at rest. Its acceleration is ………….. m/s.

  1. 2
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 10
  5. Answer is: 5

Q16. The three capacitors whose capacitances are 1 µF, 2 1 µF and 6 µF are connected in a series. The equivalent capacitance of the combination is ……………

  1. 1/3 µF
  2. 2/5 µF
  3. 3/5 µF
  4. 4/5 µF
  5. Answer is: 3/5 µF

Q17. Two sources of sound are said to be in resonance, when

  1. they look like similar
  2. they produced by same sources
  3. they produce the sound of the same frequency
  4. they are situated at a particular distance from each other
  5. Answer is: they the produced sound of the same frequency

Q18. Ozone layer above earth’s atmosphere will

  1. Prevent ultraviolet rays from the sun
  2. Prevent infra-red radiation from the sun
  3. Reflect back radio waves
  4. Infra-red rays reflected from earth from escaping earth’s atmosphere
  5. Answer is: Prevent ultraviolet rays from the sun

Q19. Acceleration due to gravity decreases as we go up from the surface of the earth. Then in going below the surface of the earth it

  1. Decreases
  2. Increases
  3. Remains constant
  4. Decreases then increase
  5. Answer is: Decreases

Q20. Two thin and infinite parallel plates have uniform densities of charge +σ and -σ. What is the electric field in the space between these plates?

  1. Zero
  2. σ /ε0
  3. σ /2ε0
  4. 2σ /ε0
  5. Answer is: Zero

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