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Probability Aptitude Questions And Answers. Most of the times, students consider the chapter Probability among extras. But, let me tell you a fact, in most of the competitive exams, the question of this chapter contains about 10 marks or more. If you are among those who had never taken this section seriously or if you are those who practice it very lightly then sadly!

It may prove to be your negative point. Wait! Wait! Wait! Calm down a little and instead of thinking of the consequences, just think about the solution. If you ask me, the only solution is practice and here, you will get the stuff which you have to practice. Yes, the questions which are most probable to come in competitive exams.

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Probability Aptitude Questions And Answers

Three unbiased coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting at most two heads?

  1. 1/2
  2. 7/8
  3. 3/4
  4. 3/8
  5. Answer is: 7/8

Two dice are thrown simultaneously. What is the probability of getting two numbers whose product is even?

  1. 1/2
  2. 6/7
  3. 3/4
  4. 9/10
  5. Answer is: 3/4

Tickets numbered 1 to 20 are mixed up and then a ticket is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ticket drawn has a number which is a multiple of 3 or 5?

  1. 9/20
  2. 8/15
  3. 6/17
  4. 2/13
  5. Answer is: 9/20

In a class, there are 15 boys and 10 girls. Three students are selected at random. The probability that 1 girl and 2 boys are selected, is:

  1. 1/50
  2. 3/25
  3. 21/46
  4. 25/117
  5. Answer is: 21/46

In a box, there are 8 red, 7 blue and 6 green balls. One ball is picked up randomly. What is the probability that it is neither red nor green?

  1. 6/4
  2. 1/3
  3. 2/5
  4. 9/10
  5. Answer is: 1/3

In a lottery, there are 10 prizes and 25 blanks. A lottery is drawn at random. What is the probability of getting a prize?

  1. 5/7
  2. 2/7
  3. 6/21
  4. 9/13
  5. Answer is: 2/7

A bag contains 2 red, 3 green and 2 blue balls. Two balls are drawn at random. What is the probability that none of the balls were drawn is blue?

  1. 11/21
  2. 5/7
  3. 2/7
  4. 10/21
  5. Answer is: 10/21

From a pack of 52 cards, two cards are drawn together at random. What is the probability of both the cards being kings?

  1. 1/221
  2. 25/57
  3. 1/15
  4. 35/256
  5. Answer is: 1/221

A bag contains 6 black and 8 white balls. One ball is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ball drawn is white?

  1. 4/9
  2. 4/7
  3. 2/3
  4. 9/23
  5. Answer is: 4/7

A card is drawn from a pack of 52 cards. The probability of getting a queen of club or a king of heart is:

  1. 2/13
  2. 1/13
  3. 1/52
  4. 1/26
  5. Answer is: 1/26

One card is drawn at random from a pack of 52 cards. What is the probability that the card drawn is a face card (Jack, Queen, and King only)?

  1. 3/13
  2. 4/13
  3. 1/13
  4. 2/13
  5. Answer is: 3/13

Two cards are drawn together from a pack of 52 cards. The probability that one is a spade and one is a heart, is:

  1. 29/34
  2. 3/20
  3. 47/100
  4. 13/102
  5. Answer is: 1/26

A bag contains 4 white, 5 red and 6 blue balls. Three balls are drawn at random from the bag. The probability that all of them are red, is:

  1. 3/22
  2. 1/22
  3. 2/91
  4. 2/77
  5. Answer is: 2/91

Dear Aspirants! Probability is no doubt! One among the easiest chapters of the Mathematical aptitude section and at the same time, it is so much helpful to secure the good marks. All you need are the clear basic concepts. Honest knowledge of formulae, general ability and presence of mind.
The chapter deals with the practical knowledge of our surrounding. Examiner generally asks the questions from this section to make a check on the general ability of a candidate. Let me tell you one more plus point of this chapter. The questions from Probability are asked in the interview too. Yes, the basic questions from this chapter could be presented by the interview panel to examine your ability to deal with the problems. So, if you want to score high then prepare for this chapter well.

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For more questions from this section and from other sections too, just keep practicing here. You will get all sort of material here for your preparations for the competitive exams. Good Luck :)

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